Responsible Investing


A Responsible Investor

At Mubadala we believe that the inclusion of ESG principles and considerations into our investment process not only contributes to a more sustainable future but also can unlock incremental value from our investments by opening up new opportunities and mitigating risks over time.

Our objectives behind the Responsible Investing Policy can be summarized as follows:

  • Continue developing a culture of awareness by building our organizational ESG fluency to better identify, understand and proactively manage ESG-related principles and considerations at the asset, portfolio and corporate levels.
  • Drive focus and resources towards the identification and management of material ESG-related principles and considerations.
  • Identify material ESG-related matters and processes across our portfolio that can be improved and drive such improvement through monitoring and reporting, over time.
  • Leverage our scale and global presence to promote Mubadala as a steward and advocate of ESG principles and Responsible Investing.

Mubadala Principles of Responsible Investing

As Mubadala grows and evolves we strive to continuously strengthen and further institutionalize our approach to ESG-related principles and considerations. Our Responsible Investing Policy sets out how we plan to achieve our objectives, through adopting the following principles:

  • Review and incorporate ESG-related principles and considerations and their potential impact on financial returns, society and the environment in capital investment and asset management decisions.
  • Seek out and work with partners who: (i) share Mubadala’s perspective on ESG matters; (ii) invest in businesses that currently deliver (or are capable of delivering) a positive ESG impact; and (iii) will work with Mubadala to enhance overall investment ESG performance.
  • Encourage appropriate disclosure on ESG principles and considerations by the entities in which we invest.
  • Tailor our approach to the assessment of ESG-related principles and considerations to the specific context of a transaction, including the industry, asset class, region-related regulatory and cultural aspects, ownership structure, ability to influence decision making, as well as investment/company-specific considerations and characteristics.
  • Inform our ESG judgments and decisions with rigorous analysis based on industry trends and forward-looking scenarios, historical performance and research by credible third parties.
At Mubadala, we believe that Environmental, Social and Governance principles and considerations are fundamentally linked to our ability to create and protect long term value, both in our individual investments, across our portfolios and at our corporate operations.