Mubadala in
the UK

Priority sectors
£10 BN
Committed over the next five years

Mubadala is a long-term investor in the United Kingdom, with an office in London run by an experienced team of regional specialists. Since entering the market over a decade ago, Mubadala has built up a portfolio of investments in sectors as wide-ranging as energy, infrastructure, real estate, and technology.

In 2021, Mubadala and the UK’s Office for Investment formed a partnership, enabling the UAE to double down on the UK as an investment market, and in key sectors that align to growth and job creation in both countries.

Our Focus

The partnership focuses on economic growth priorities and investment opportunities, and includes four priority sectors:

Life Science




Energy Transition




Career Opportunities in UK

At Mubadala, our diverse community of experts continue to grow with our business.

UK Tax Strategy

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