Business Continuity Management (BCM) Statement:

Mubadala is committed to the continuity of its critical business processes by proactively planning how we respond to potential events that could impact our business operations to limit their consequences while complying with the regulatory requirements and needs/expectations of other Interested Parties.

Objectives of BCM at Mubadala:

a) Compliance: Implement, operate, and maintain a BCMS in accordance with applicable regulations and contractual commitments.

b) Effective Management: Ensure that Business Continuity is effectively implemented and managed in accordance with this Policy.

c) Management of risks: Develop, implement, maintain, monitor, review and continually improve the company’s resilience to Business Interruption Risks.

d) Resource allocation: Facilitate the provisioning of the resources required to deliver business objectives through strategic and operational response plans.

e) Response plans: Ensure continuity of business operations within required timeframes and service levels to minimize business loss following a Business Interruption.

f) Awareness: Create and spread Business Continuity awareness within the company.