Clean Hydrogen Industry

Clean hydrogen, produced with no or low-carbon footprint, is a key lever to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. Investing in

clean hydrogen can help solve the energy trilemma of sustainable, secure, and affordable energy and help decarbonize global economies, contributing especially to the hard-to-abate industries.

In 2022, OPSWF members converged to signal their readiness to step-up global efforts to finance and accelerate the mass scale-up of clean hydrogen solutions both in terms of new investments and transition assets.

The Network published an Executive Brief identifying three primary policy enablers which, if successfully addressed, could significantly accelerate investment in this space. These were (1) increasing demand-side stimuli such as incentives to spur demand or public private partnerships, (2) measures to facilitate international trade in clean hydrogen, and (3) where possible for public institutions and development banks to establish sectoral contracts-for-difference in clean hydrogen and its derivatives to help make projects bankable.