Accelerating Data Disclosure in Private Markets

By having both size and long-term investment horizons, sovereign wealth funds are in a unique position to promote long-term value creation and sustainable market outcomes.

A fundamental barrier exists in measuring, managing, and mitigating our portfolios’ climate impact due to the struggle to access reliable data, most evident in private markets, on which to base our strategies.

In 2022 OPSWF, in consultation with OPPEF and OPAM developed the One Planet Climate Disclosure Guidance (One Planet CDG) for Private Markets to help improve the quality of climate and environment-related financial information available.

The One Planet CDG provides clear and actionable articulation of increasing levels of climate data disclosure from private market participants. Its purpose is to offer guidance on disclosures to help implement TCFD recommendations.

Mubadala requests that private markets asset managers meet the expectations of Level One of the One Planet CDG, including estimating carbon footprint of underlying portfolio companies, for year end 2023.