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Clean energy for the Seychelles

Clean energy for the Seychelles

How a small island nation is working with Masdar to reduce its carbon footprint, diversify its energy portfolio and promote renewable energy leadership.

Energy is one of the foundations of a modern society Yet, more than 1 billion people worldwide have no access to electricity. 

Three years ago the Seychelles was a small, remote island that was heavily dependent on importing fossil fuels. That was before Masdar, Mubadala’s renewable energy company, provided the technologies to help diversify the island nation’s energy mix.

Today, the Seychelles has five wind turbines that produce nearly seven gigawatt-hours of clean energy annually, displace about 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year and power more than 2,100 homes. 

Diversification is paramount to improving the security of energy supplies, stabilizing energy costs and creating jobs.

Phillippe Morin

CEO of Public Utilities Corporation.

Access to clean energy is a pathway toward economic and social development. For island nations, such as the Seychelles, that rely on imported fuel for electricity generation, renewable energy provides a viable alternative. In fact, the wind and solar power projects deliver immediate savings, while underpinning long-term energy security.

Dr. Ahmad Belhoul

Former CEO of Masdar, Minister of State for Higher Education Affairs.

“The Port Victoria Wind Farm is helping the Seychelles take the initial steps toward attaining comprehensive diversification of our energy portfolio,” says Phillippe Morin, CEO of Public Utilities Corporation, which has been involved with the project since its inception. “Diversification is paramount to improving the security of energy supplies, stabilizing energy costs and creating jobs.”

Since coming online, the wind farm has provided more affordable electricity to utility customers who, as a result, have seen a reduction in their monthly statements. Morin adds, “The skeptics are now convinced that renewable energy technologies can work in the Seychelles and can contribute to the country’s economic growth.”

The Port Victoria initiative is symbolic of the Seychelles’ commitment to reducing its carbon footprint through cleaner energy sources, and the first of many renewable energy projects it will work on with Masdar to produce 15 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030.


Through Masdar, our renewable energy company, Mubadala is using its leadership and deep-rooted focus on sustainability to help diversify the global energy mix and ensure long-term energy security.