What We Do
The UAE Investments platform is Mubadala’s national investment vehicle contributing to accelerate the transformation of the UAE’s economy by building homegrown world class champions, fostering vibrant industrial and commercial clusters, and engaging with global partners.
Through our investments, we will continue to strengthen our existing portfolio of UAE-led assets in multiple sectors including energy, metals, aerospace, technology, healthcare, real estate and infrastructure.
In parallel, we will be incubating new initiatives aimed at attracting investment partners to cultivate these sectors further and establish additional clusters in the UAE for profitable and sustainable growth.
Dr. Bakheet Al Katheeri

Chief Executive Officer, UAE Investments

Business Units
UAE Clusters
 UAE Clusters is a diverse portfolio of assets in multiple sectors including technology, aerospace, healthcare, as well as incubating new sectors to further diversify the UAE’s economy such as clean energy and life sciences.
UAE Diversified Assets
The UAE Diversified Assets unit focuses on sectors including banking, investments and insurances.
UAE Industries
UAE Industries encompasses asset companies that have been expanding in high growth sectors that are gaining international interest and exposure such as the renewable energy sector, conventional energy sector, the metals & mining sector and utilities.
UAE Real Estate
The UAE Real Estate unit looks after development and infrastructure
Growth & Value Creation
The Growth & Value Creation unit provides centralized transaction execution and origination capabilities, to deliver AUM growth for Mubadala, accelerating value creation initiatives for the existing portfolio and achieving superior financial returns, while delivering in-country value for the UAE.
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