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Masdar City

Masdar City is a pioneering sustainable urban community and innovation hub in Abu Dhabi.

Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, is a world-class hub for technology, innovation, and research and development, facilitating real-world solutions in clean energy, water efficiency, agri-tech, health, mobility, and AI. The City combines ancient Arabic architectural styles with modern technology to create one of the world’s largest clusters of high-performance buildings. Masdar City operates as a real-time laboratory that monitors, studies and improves on ways cities use, conserve, and share resources.

Each building in Masdar City is constructed with low-carbon cement, uses aluminum that is 90 percent drawn from recycled sources, and is designed to consume least 40 percent less water and energy than conventional buildings. These standards align with LEED and Estidama Pearl Building Rating System baselines.

Masdar City’s architecture and narrow shaded walkways naturally bring people closer together and create a unique ambience, while a series of integrated, pedestrian-friendly districts and open public spaces help promote a healthier way of living.

The next phase of the city’s evolution will see the development of homes, schools, mosques, parks, and retail outlets. Various elements will connect with pedestrian pathways as well as Masdar City’s rapidly developing public transport system, which includes Personal Rapid Transit, the autonomous NAVYA shuttle, electric shuttle cars, and electric public buses. The city’s future transportation options will include a metro line, Light Rail Transit, and Group Rapid Transit.



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