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Dolphin Energy

Dolphin Energy is a joint venture between Mubadala, Total and Occidental Petroleum and is headquartered in the Middle East. This multinational gas development and transportation initiative is among the largest energy investments ever undertaken in the Middle East.

Dolphin Energy Limited delivers 2 billion standard cubic feet of natural gas every single day (scf/day) and has produced 8.5 trillion standard cubic feet since operations began in 2007 (as of July 2019)

Abu Dhabi-based Dolphin Energy is a joint venture between Mubadala, Occidental Petroleum and Total, with Mubadala holding a majority 51 percent stake. Mubadala Petroleum manages Mubadala’s interest in Dolphin Energy.

Spanning three countries and much of the gas value chain, the Dolphin project is a regional success story. Raw gas from wells in Qatar’s North field is taken to a processing plant at Ras Laffan Industrial City in northern Qatar, where it is processed and compressed before being transported through a sub-sea pipeline to Taweelah, in Abu Dhabi. From Taweelah, it is distributed across the UAE as well as to Oman.

Today, Dolphin Energy meets approximately 30 percent of the UAE’s energy requirements. To date, the total investment in the Dolphin Gas Project is US $6.2 billion.



Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates