SMN Power Holding Company

SMN Power Holding Company is a leading supplier of electricity and water in Oman

SMN Power Holding Company is one of the most reliable suppliers of elecricity and water in Oman. Through its two facilities, SMN Barka Power Company and Al Rusail Power Company (RPC), the company provides electricity and water and caters to 15% (2018) of Oman's main power grid demand and 25% (2018) of network needs in the Barka area.

The Barka II Power Plant is located approximately 50 km northwest of Muscat, in Oman. The capacity of the power plant is 678 MW. The project also includes a desalination plant with capacity of 26.4 million gallons of potable water per day. The power plant comprises three V 94.2 dual-fuel gas turbines, three supplementary-fired heat recovery steam generators and two condensing steam turbine generators. The water plant utilizes reverse osmosis technology to convert seawater to drinking water.

Al Rusail Power Station is located 40 km west of Muscat in the Rusail Industrial Park, in Oman. The power station generates up to 665 MW, consisting of eight Frame 9E gas turbines that were installed in four phases between 1984 and 2000. The plant is designed for simple-cycle operation utilizing natural gas as the primary fuel with distillate fuel oil as backup.

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