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Yahsat Launches YahClick in the UAE

UAE enterprises set to benefit from reliable internet connectivity; YahClick to offer internet back-up solutions for total freedom from undersea fibre disruptions.


Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PrJSC (Yahsat), a private joint stock company fully owned by Mubadala, today announced the UAE launch of Yahclick, its satellite broadband internet service. YahClick will be distributed in the UAE by SkyStream, a member of the Atlas Telecom Group and Safa Telecom, a member of the IEC Telecom Group.

Successfully launched in 10 countries to date, across the Middle East, Africa, Central and South-West Asia region, YahClick is now available to UAE businesses and enterprises. The service can be instantly deployed to provide high-speed internet anywhere in the country and is set to boost connectivity in remote locations and provide reliable back-up for broadband connection to business users. Local businesses such as those in the farming and agriculture sector will also benefit from advanced technology solutions that can meet the demands of their challenging terrains.

Commenting on the availability of YahClick in the UAE, Masood M. Sharif Mahmood, Yahsat Deputy CEO stated: “At Yahsat we are committed to empowering businesses across the UAE, helping them own the tools that will continue our nation's economic growth and development. YahClick is one of those tools - it is designed to complement the offering from established UAE telecommunications providers to ensure that end-users, irrespective of their location in the UAE, can enjoy access to reliable broadband internet.”

Shawkat Ahmed, Yahsat Chief Commercial Officer commented: “YahClick also offers YahClick Insure, which is designed to prevent business and enterprise users from losing connectivity and provides an instant backup solution should the user’s primary link be disrupted. This innovation allows businesses to minimise potential loss of revenue or productivity risks caused by terrestrial internet outages, including those resulting from undersea fibre cable cuts.”

Ahmed added; “Today’s global economy is powered by connectivity and it is important for business and government entities to minimize any risk associated with internet down time. YahClick Insure is the perfect solution to mitigate such risks and is designed to provide customers with a ‘peace of mind’ service at a minimum fee.”

In the next few months SkyStream and Safa Telecom will announce a range of cost effective subscription plans, with broadband speeds of up to 15 Mbps.

Riyadh Al Adely, SkyStream Managing Director, added: “Internet connectivity is taken for granted across most of the UAE’s major cities, however, there are still businesses in urban and remote areas that suffer from either a lack of service or disrupted internet coverage. YahClick is designed to complement terrestrial internet services and help provide full coverage to enterprises and entities even in hard to reach areas currently not covered in the UAE.”

“Running from Yahsat’s second satellite Y1B, delivered via Ka band frequency, YahClick is a unique service that offers innovative solutions catering to business users. YahClick will help boost connectivity for those who currently have a poor connection, assure continuity for online business as well as enable greater connectivity on the go. We are excited to provide YahClick to UAE enterprises and look forward to announcing our subscription packages shortly,” added, Nabil Ben Soussia, Managing Director of Safa Telecom Abu Dhabi.

YahClick was originally launched in Q4 2012 in five countries (Angola, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Africa, and Nigeria) with subscribers ranging from a mix of energy, construction, agri-based verticals, SME and NGOs, looking for more reliable internet connectivity and higher speeds.

YahClick is beamed through Yahsat’s Y1B satellite, which was successfully launched in April 2012. Y1B is the first satellite in the region to offer internet connectivity through Ka-band multi-spot beams, with reusable frequencies to maximize spectrum efficiency. YahClick will be fully operational across a coverage area spanning 28 countries throughout the Middle East, Africa, Central and South West Asia by the end of 2013 in partnership with 30 leading in-market Service Partners.