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ATIC’s Tech Quest Builds Young Emirati Talent in Science and Technology

UAE National students finish the program stronger leaders, STEM inspired and socially connected 


Over 120 Emirati students recently completed the Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC)’s Tech Quest program in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region. To date, the program has engaged with over 650 UAE National students in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through exciting hands-on workshops and engaging industry speakers.

“As our program progresses, more Emirati students are becoming aware of the promising opportunities in STEM; particularly female students, who made up 60% of this year’s participants,” said Hanan Harhara, Head of Human Capital at ATIC. “We are impressed with the engagement and enthusiasm in students these past years and are assured they are completing the program more confident in their academic and career interest.” 

The two week program saw students manufacturing ‘Solar light Bottles,’ embarking on the ‘Mechatronics Challenge’ using 3D printing, programing and controling advanced robotic aerial vehicles and becoming superhero movie directors through the use of nanotechnology. This edition’s partners included Intel, Microsoft, Emitac and The Change Initiative.

Furthermore, this edition witnessed a new family tradition within the program whereby crowds of elder cousins, brothers and sisters encouraged younger family members to actively partake in the program. The program saw Emirati brothers and sisters re-joining Tech Quest as volunteers, younger siblings asking for advice from brothers, cousins encouraging each other during assignments and other family members setting plans for the next program.  

 “Tech Quest was very positive for me, but more than anything, it got me thinking in a way that really helps me at school – let’s say, out of the box,” said Abdullah Wasef Zoghbor, 15 year old Tech Quest alumni and volunteer in the July Program. “It also got me motivated to sign up for more after school programs. I still have my basketball, but have added on mechanics, chemistry, physics and computer science to my hobbies.”

After each Tech Quest program, a group of the top performing students are recognized and invited to participate in an unconventional, esteemed experience. The Tech Quest Leadership Program aims to mentally and physically push students to step out of their personal boundaries, grounding them with the confidence and strength to become better future leaders. This year’s leadership program will take place at in Abu Dhabi in September.