People Leader Guide

As a People Leader, it is important that you understand your team’s career aspirations and discuss them openly during performance reviews. You should encourage your team to share their career development goals and to check GROW for career opportunities.
Unless specifically agreed otherwise, all roles and vacancies are automatically advertised on GROW.
Employee applications are confidential. It is at the employee’s discretion to disclose if they apply for a role.
Employees are no longer required to obtain approval from their Line Manager to apply for a new opportunity. If they apply for a role, are selected, and accept the final offer, it will be an employee’s responsibility to inform their Line Manager.
We are committed to our employees’ career development. Therefore, priority should be given to internal candidates who are potential fit before reviewing external candidates.

Employee Questions

To be eligible for a role on GROW, employees must meet the following criteria:

  •       Be a current employee at Mubadala or any of our portfolio companies.
  •       Meet the minimum requirements of the new role.
  •       Have completed at least 2 years in the current role.
  •       Have a 2.8 or above performance rating.
You are encouraged to begin by contacting the recruiter directly if you would like more information regarding a job post. You are welcome to contact the Hiring Manager directly for insights on a specific opportunity, but questions regarding recruitment, assessments and suitability should be addressed to the relevant recruiter.
GROW is open to all employees, both Full-time Employees and Contingent workers.

Unless otherwise agreed, all roles will be posted on GROW.

Each portfolio company may have specific guidelines as to which roles can be posted on GROW. Vacancies for managerial roles and below that are not confidential will be posted online. Confidential roles may include roles that are related to a project or initiative that the organization cannot make public at that specific point of time.

Yes. Recruiters will post the vacancies both internally and externally. While hiring is preferred to support employees’ professional development, the final decision will be made based on candidates’ overall suitability for the role as assessed by the Hiring Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions