In 2002, Mubadala - the Arabic word for ‘exchange’ - was established by the Government of Abu Dhabi as a principal agent in the diversification of Abu Dhabi’s economy. His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, is Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Mubadala was established to strengthen Abu Dhabi’s growth potential, and to help the government meet its socioeconomic targets. While our investments are designed to generate sustainable profits over the long-term, they also deliver strong social returns to Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. 

Focused on investment and development across multiple sectors, Mubadala’s portfolio is valued at more than US $66 billion. We are an active investor in sectors and geographies with long-term value propositions, working in partnership with world-class organizations to establish and manage joint ventures and investment platforms.

Investment Approach

Mubadala actively invests in initiatives with long-term value potential, driving the establishment of new industry sectors and vital infrastructure in Abu Dhabi. Building integrated global businesses in partnership with leading companies, Mubadala supports the diversification of Abu Dhabi’s economy and strengthens its competitive position in high-growth sectors both locally and internationally.


Collaborating with top-tier local and international partners for mutual benefit.

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  • partnership-investing

    Investing at all stages of the business cycle

    Establishing, transforming and managing businesses across diverse sectors

  • partnership-global

    Globally Integrated

    Gaining access to IP, supply chain synergies and high-growth markets

  • partnership-humancapital

    Focused on human capital development

    Developing exciting new career paths and employment opportunities through the creation of new industries

Our contribution to a diversified economy

Our contribution to a diversified economy