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Our Portfolio
Mubadala Capital

Mubadala Capital is the wholly-owned asset management subsidiary of Mubadala Investment Company, with approximately $20 billion of assets under management, of which $13 billion is managed in third-party capital vehicles.

Mubadala Capital was established in 2011 and operates four integrated businesses that include Private Equity, Venture Capital and Alternative Solutions, in addition to a Brazil-focused investment business. Each business employs a fundamental-driven investment strategy with a focus on capital preservation and downside protection.

In addition to managing its own balance sheet investments, Mubadala Capital manages approximately $13 billion in third-party capital vehicles on behalf of institutional investors in all of its businesses, including four flagship private equity funds, three early-stage venture funds, two funds in Brazil focused on special opportunities and a highly diversified evergreen investment strategy focused on private market opportunities as well as a series of co-investment vehicles, SPVs and continuation funds.

Mubadala Capital invests across the capital structure in both private and public securities and aims to maintain a well-diversified portfolio that generates superior risk-adjusted returns on behalf of its shareholder and investors.

Mubadala Capital is a differentiated and value-added investor that is able to source proprietary investment opportunities on a global basis and actively leverages the Mubadala network in its various business activities.

Its highly disciplined and institutionalized process of evaluating investment opportunities provides unique advantages to its investors. Mubadala Capital benefits from significant synergies between its business lines through its global leadership and investment committees.

The investment thesis that underpins all of Mubadala Capital’s activities is premised on generating attractive risk-adjusted returns by combining the benefits of Mubadala’s sovereign ownership, whether through i) sourcing opportunities; ii) the ability to leverage resources during diligence; or iii) value creation as an owner, with a highly focused investment strategy and well-aligned and motivated team. All of which is supported by a disciplined and robust investment process focused on capital preservation and downside protection.

Mubadala Capital has offices in Abu Dhabi, New York, San Francisco, London, and Rio de Janeiro, with over 150 global employees.



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