Welcome to Mubadala Sponsorship submission portal. Please read the following information before submitting your proposal online.
At Mubadala, we consider our sponsorships as partnerships that enable both organizations to share aligned objectives while sharing mutual benefits.
To effectively evaluate your sponsorship proposal, we ask that you take a few minutes to fully complete the sponsorship evaluation form.
Please complete this form a minimum of eight (8) weeks prior to any aspect of your sponsorship starting. Please allow a response time following receipt of your completed forms. We will treat all your information confidentially and please do not post, fax or e-mail us with your request. If we do receive it this way we will direct all proposals to this submission form. All sponsorship requests must be submitted this way to provide a fair evaluation process.

Group Policy Restrictions

As a matter of policy, Mubadala does not support or sponsor the following:

  • Properties that can potentially create a reputational risk
  • Political, partisan, religion or sectarian associations
  • Projects that contradict/conflict with our environmental, sustainability and ethical policies
  • Projects or initiatives that do not deliver against the Mubadala business, brand or communication objectives
  • Projects or initiatives that do not engage Mubadala key stakeholder groups or target audiences
  • Initiatives that preludes to violence, violent language, violent incidents/events and/or any violent interactions that may harm the wellbeing of our stakeholders, target audience or any individual linked to the Projects or initiatives
  • Mubadala reserves the right to the interpretation, application, and administration of its sponsorship program
  • Sponsorships proposal forms that are submitted eight weeks (8) weeks prior to the start of the project/initiative will pass through for evaluation. Sponsorships proposal forms that are submitted beyond the abovementioned timelines are not guaranteed to pass for evaluation and may be officially declined
  • All information provided is correct and accurate and shall be treated on confidentiality basis keeping in mind that Mubadala reserves the right to pass the proposals to any of its affiliates
  • By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you confirm that you have read and understood the abovementioned points.

Please read carefully the following points before beginning to submit your proposal:

  • You may save your proposal and work on it again at your earliest convenience before submitting it
  • Reread your project carefully before submitting it. Keep in mind that the selection process begins once your project is submitted