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Yahsat to Launch ‘Yahclick’ in Five Key Markets

Yahsat, the United Arab Emirates, based satellite operator in Abu Dhabi, has today announced that it will launch its innovative YahClick “broadband everyone” satellite service in five key markets. YahClick will provide local businesses and consumers with cost effective, high performance, wide reaching, and reliable internet connectivity.


Yahsat, the United Arab Emirates, based satellite operator in Abu Dhabi, has today announced that it will launch its innovative YahClick “broadband everyone” satellite service in five key markets. YahClick will provide local businesses and consumers with cost effective, high performance, wide reaching, and reliable internet connectivity.

From August 2012, the YahClick service will be available in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Africa, Nigeria, and Angola where access to high performance broadband internet is currently limited. YahClick will be operational across most of its coverage area spanning a total of 28 markets, in South West Asia, Africa and the Middle East, including the GCC states, by October 2012.

The launch of YahClick affirms Yahsat’s position as one of the region’s leading satellite communications solutions provider and creating a means of global connectivity via satellite broadband services, which is at the forefront of the company’s business vision.

“This is a key milestone for Yahsat and we support the expansion of the commercial phase of Yahsat’s satellite Y1B. This takes the offering of the Abu Dhabi based satellite operation globally,” said Jassem Mohammed Al Zaabi, Executive Director of Mubadala ICT. “The development is in line with our own mission of economic progress for the Emirate to diversify and harness expertise in various industries.”

Yahsat has appointed market leading Service Partners, in its launch markets, through a highly selective process from a wide applicant pool of reputable and experienced telecommunications providers. For the past two years, the YahClick team has been working with Service Partners to train them and ensure full YahClick operational readiness in their area.

Over the next few weeks YahClick Service Partners will be announcing a range of high speed, flexible and cost effective packages, with broadband speeds as high as 15 Mbps, suited to provide the most underserved markets where internet connectivity is scarce, and even some of the better connected urban areas for backup solutions. Satellite broadband solutions provide a significantly more reliable service compared to some terrestrial internet services. With an uptime availability of 99.5%, the reliability of broadband satellite internet is the key differentiator between the two forms of internet connectivity systems. The reliability of the YahClick connection sets it apart from terrestrial services thanks to the state-of-the-art satellite communications technology it deploys.

YahClick’s business model is one where the operations behind the service are managed on a central basis with advanced teleport equipment maximising the performance of the service regardless of in-market outages or infrastructure conditions. Service Partners will manage the YahClick system centrally via an online operations system eliminating the need for in-country infrastructure, saving considerable costs that are passed on to the end customer. The network as a whole is managed from a central Network Operations Center in Abu Dhabi, fully backed up 24/7 in cooperation with Hughes Network Systems.

Yahsat CEO, Tareq Abdul Raheem Al Hosani explains: “The driving force behind the launch of YahClick is our vision and understanding of specific market needs and the desire to reach communities where there is a requirement to develop and deliver quality customised satellite broadband internet solutions. Working with Service Partners who are experts in their fields is an invaluable asset to the business.”

According to media reports released earlier this year, based on statistics by Internet World Stats, Africa has only 6.2 per cent share of the world’s internet users despite being home to 15% of the world’s population, further highlighting the need for a service such as YahClick.

“The percentage of internet users in Africa is far below the levels shown in other regions. Improved broadband services in Africa will lead to a significant increase in the number of people within reach of internet services. Today, broadband services are a necessity, providing much needed access to information, education, government services, and opportunities to trade and prosper. Other markets where there is great potential are the fast developing consumer markets in the Middle East and South West Asia. We look forward to seeing our YahClick service making a strong impact on the economies of these regions,” added Tareq Abdul Raheem Al Hosani, Yahsat CEO.

According to the World Bank, a 10% increase in broadband penetration can deliver a 1.3% increase in a country’s GDP. This is especially important to the Middle East, Asia and Africa where Internet penetration is very low in comparison to North America, Australia and Europe. Through increased broadband penetration Yahsat believes communities will be empowered and equipped to drive their own economic success forward.

The YahClick service is designed to provide broadband satellite internet to everyone and is set to open new business opportunities and connectivity to a wide range of industries, NGOs, government, and education organisations throughout the country by providing reliable, high-bandwidth internet connectivity to urban, rural and remote communities.

YahClick is beamed through Yahsat’s Y1B Satellite, successfully launched in April 2012. Y1B is the first satellite in the region to offer Internet connectivity through Ka-band multi-spot beams, with reusable frequencies to maximize spectrum efficiency. The multi-spot beam technology means higher power on the ground, which enables use of a smaller antenna size.

Since the launch of Y1B satellite, the full YahClick system has undergone comprehensive testing and validation to ensure the product is ready to achieve maximum performance.

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About Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PrJSC “Yahsat”

Yahsat provides multipurpose satellite solutions (government and commercial) for broadband, broadcast, military, and communications use across the Middle East, Africa and South West Asia. Based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and wholly owned by Mubadala Development Company PJSC, the investment vehicle of the Government of Abu Dhabi, Yahsat is the first company in the Middle East and Africa to offer multi-purpose satellite services:

  • YahClick - the satellite broadband service
  • YahSecure - the government satellite service
  • YahLink - the satellite connectivity service
  • YahService - end to end managed satellite solutions
  • YahCarrier – satellite solutions for telecommunications carriers

Yahsat’s first satellite Y1A was successfully launched in April 2011 and its second satellite Y1B was successfully launched in April 2012.