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Oxford business group and Mubadala development forge partnership

Oxford Business Group (OBG) and Mubadala Development have entered into a new partnership for the realization of the first edition of the Emerging Markets Series on Abu Dhabi.

Targeted to foreign investors, the 200 page report Emerging Emirates 2006 (Vol. 1 Abu Dhabi) will be one of the most comprehensive research and investment tools available on the economy of Abu Dhabi. To produce this extensive analysis, a team of six OBG analysts will be based in the Mubadala offices for five months working closely with the Mubadala team.

The agreement between OBG and Mubadala uniquely merges the extensive international expertise of OBG and the local knowledge of Mubadala. Khaldoon Al Mubarak, CEO of Mubadala, commented, “Mubadala is committed to enabling our economy to go forward, to achieve its full potential. The development of high quality analysis is a key component for attracting new foreign investment. Our partnership with OBG for this venture is a natural extension of our ongoing commitment to buffeting international interest in our economy.”

Emerging Emirates 2006, part of OBG’s Emerging Markets Series, is the fifth gulf country and the thirteenth MENA region country to be selected by the prestigious Emerging Markets Series for coverage. The publication will be released every year on an annual basis. The analysis on Abu Dhabi will be the first volume in the two volume series available to subscribers on the UAE.

Andrew Jeffreys, Editor in Chief, said, “We are delighted to be covering Abu Dhabi as part of our research on the UAE. We have had extensive subscriber interest in the Emirate and hope that our research will be a valuable tool in detailing the extensive investment opportunities that are present.”

Emerging Emirates 2006 (Vol. 1 Abu Dhabi) will provide comprehensive overviews and analysis of Abu Dhabi’s political and macroeconomic environment, as well as review events and trends in all the major economic sectors, including; banking, capital markets (produced in association with National Bank of Abu Dhabi), insurance, IT and telecommunications, industry, real estate & construction, tourism, energy, and media. The book is completed by the Business Guide which provides an assessment of the legal and accountancy regulations pertaining to foreign investment (produced in association with Simmons & Simmons and PricewaterhouseCoopers).

Oxford Business Group’s Emerging Markets Series is critically acclaimed and was recently hailed by Newsweek as one of the most authoritative guides available on the GCC economies. “We are a proud supporter of bringing such prestigious research to Abu Dhabi. Strengthening the investment appeal of Abu Dhabi is a core tenant of Mubadala and this recent partnership reflects our ongoing commitment on an international level,” said Khaldoon Al Mubarak. Emerging Emirates 2006 (Vol. 1 Abu Dhabi) will be launched in an investment conference jointly hosted by Mubadala and OBG in November 2005 in Abu Dhabi.