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New digital strategy drives website award wins for Mubadala wins regional and international awards


Mubadala, the Abu Dhabi-based investment and development company, has been recognized for a pair of website awards following the successful redevelopment of its website and the creation of a new multi-platform digital strategy.

The new website received a Gold award in the corporate website category from the Pan Arab Web Awards, which recognize excellence, innovation and creativity in the online arena across the Arab region. also received a Silver award in the B2B website category from Summit International Awards. These awards honor websites globally, with winners selected from 5,000 submissions from 25 countries, judged by a panel of 18 creative professionals from seven countries.

The new Mubadala website was launched in March 2012, a brand new digital experience designed from the ground up to fully capture the breadth of a company that today has operations in 20 countries, over 33,000 employees globally and a portfolio valued at more than USD 55 billion.

The website was the core component in a wide reaching strategy that was initiated by the newly formed Digital unit led by Taghrid Fawzi Alsaeed.

“With a newly formed Digital unit, we recognized the need to rethink and reimagine our corporate website to better serve our business and best present Mubadala to the world,” said Taghrid Fawzi Alsaeed, Head of Digital Communications. “We needed to help our key stakeholders understand Mubadala’s mandate, whilst also creating something clean and contemporary with simple yet intuitive information architecture. We were delighted with the results and are proud to have been recognized in this way.” 

The development process took 10 months, with the Mubadala digital team working external specialists to deliver an end product that served the needs of both internal and external audiences. The team also ensured the website was fully integrated with the company’s social media channels - Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

“Social media is a key component of our strategic focus and the wider communications mix today,” said Brian Lott, Executive Director for Group Communications at Mubadala. “It is essential that we connect with all of our audiences via the platforms that they are most comfortable with, particularly when it comes to engaging with the next generation. It also allows us to create deeper connections between our assets and showcase the full breadth of our story.”