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Mubadala launches Youth Award

Recipients will be recognized at the fourth edition of Mubadala Youth Forum

As part of its commitment to developing the next generation of UAE National talent, Mubadala, the Abu Dhabi based investment and development company, today announced the launch of Mubadala Youth Award. The program will recognize young Emiratis who are driven, ambitious and committed to contributing to the community. The recipients will receive their awards at the fourth annual Mubadala Youth Forum, set to take place on 21st October at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. 

The awards program is open for nominations from community members through Mubadala’s youth portal

Khaldoon Al Mubarak, Group CEO and Managing Director, Mubadala, said: “As we look to the next five years of the UAE’s development, a diverse variety of new professional opportunities will emerge, many of which will stem from fields in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Therefore, it is crucial that we continue to provide compelling learning experiences and inspirational examples that excite young people and galvanize their thinking.”

Under the theme “Our Future, Your Ambition”, this year’s edition focuses on providing Emirati students with an understanding of the current job market and highlights the increasing need for graduates in STEM-related industries. The forum will also highlight the importance of soft skills to career progression providing insight on the characteristics and attributes recruiters pursue. 

Commenting on the Mubadala Youth Award, Nadine Saleh Hassan, Head of Social Development and Partnerships at Mubadala, said: “We are committed to helping young Emiratis realize the important role they will play in their community and the UAE’s future. The Mubadala Youth Award program is designed to help inspire these young people by showcasing stories of individuals across the UAE who are a true source of pride.”

This year’s Mubadala Youth Forum features a series of workshops designed to provide practical tools that will help students navigate today’s job market and its requirements. From interview skills to learning about productivity and team work, equipping young people with communications and interpersonal skills is crucial to preparing them for the professional phase of their lives.  

Hassan added: “Our aim is to extend the benefit of the event beyond information and insights to practical tools that will help students succeed in today’s highly-competitive economy.” 

Students will hear and interact with leading UAE business leaders, role models and education experts from across the nation on exciting career paths available with a focus on human capital development and career advancement. Panellists will discuss the approach students should adopt when building their career roadmap and provide expert advice on the most demanded majors and personality attributes. 

The Mubadala Youth Forum is open to UAE Nationals between the ages of 17-24. To attend or to vote for who you believe should receive the Mubadala Youth Award, please visit &