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Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Opening Process Continues with New Services

Medical Subspecialties Institute Services Now Available


Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, part of Mubadala’s network of world-class healthcare facilities, today opened services in the Medical Subspecialties Institute, marking the next milestone of its opening process which will see most services become available by May 31, 2015.

The Medical Subspecialties Institute specializes in diagnosing and managing disorders which are prevalent among the Abu Dhabi population, such as diabetes, blood disorders, arthritis, thyroid disorders and infectious disease, among others.

The opening of services in the Medical Subspecialties Institute joins existing services already offered at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Eye Institute.

Dr. Hussein Saadi, Chief, Medical Subspecialties Institute, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi said, “The Medical Subspecialties Institute provides coordinated patient care across a broad spectrum of medical conditions, aligned to some of the Emirate’s most pressing needs. Our multidisciplinary approach brings together physicians with specialized expertise to diagnose and treat conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, blood disorders and infectious diseases. As a result, our patients receive a dedicated physician team which develop and manage a treatment plan tailored to their specific needs.”

By the end of May 2015, the hospital will provide most of its complex and critical care services designed to address some of the specific health challenges which most affect Abu Dhabi and UAE patients. Additional complex specialties will continue to become available in the coming weeks, with the opening of the Emergency Department as the final service to open. This opening process is aligned with global best practices for opening complex and critical care hospitals of this scale.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi complements the current healthcare landscape in Abu Dhabi by focusing on highly-specialized care for heart, brain, digestive, eye and respiratory conditions. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi will not offer orthopedics, obstetrics, gynecology services, or treat patients under the age of 14 with the exception of the Eye Institute, and will not be a trauma center.

Please refer to for updates on available services or call the Contact Center at 800 8 CCAD (800 8 2223) to book an appointment for available services.