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Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi – An Update testing

Fulfilling the 2030 Vision By Bringing a World Class Multi-Specialty Hospital to Abu Dhabi 


(ABU DHABI, 21 JANUARY, 2013) In 2005, the Abu Dhabi government launched an ambitious 25-year plan to propel the Emirate into a world-leading knowledge economy. Part of its Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 was to develop a robust, world class healthcare system for every member of the Emirate, and ultimately, the millions of residents populating the UAE, to keep them from having to travel abroad for care. In 2007, investments were made in infrastructure, research centers, hospitals and equipment, allowing for a new focus to be placed on finding the world’s best medical staff to fill the hospitals, operate the state of the art equipment and treat Abu Dhabi patients.

“Guided by Abu Dhabi’s goal to develop the healthcare sector to meet specific health needs, Mubadala Healthcare screened the top institutions in the international medical community before selecting Cleveland Clinic as a partner,” says Suhail Al Ansari,“Cleveland Clinic was selected not only because it is one of the largest and most respected hospitals in the world, but also because it specializes in treating many of the health challenges affecting the Abu Dhabi population.”

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Modeled on Cleveland Clinic in the U.S., Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi will be a multi-specialty facility that extends its U.S. sister hospital's physician-led, patient-centric, group model of care, treating a range of complex medical requirements in the areas of heart, vascular and neurological medicine, as well as digestive diseases, eye, respiratory and critical care. Other service lines will include emergency medicine, surgical and medical subspecialties, pathology and laboratory medicine, radiology, anesthesiology, and quality and patient safety. In all, more than 30 medical and surgical specialties will be represented at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. 

Patient-centered care is Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s mantra, and its Patients First philosophy will impact everything at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, from the way its physicians are selected to the way its patient rooms are designed.  But one of the most critical distinctions of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi will be its group practice model: a collaborative, team-based approach to patient care, and something unprecedented in the UAE and the whole GCC region.

Attracting World Class Talent 

When the new hospital opens, it will initially employ 170 consulting physicians and more than 1,500 nurses and health professionals, but the hospital has the capacity for 490 hospital beds and as it grows, so will its staff. Active recruitment is already underway to hire the very best employees – known as ‘Caregivers’ at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi – from around the world. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s ambition is to create a culturally diverse institution that reflects the cultural diversity of Abu Dhabi. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi healthcare practitioners are being selected based on their commitment to world-class standards of care, their dedication to a Patients First philosophy and a respect for, and understanding of, local culture and values. 

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is also looking to nurture and develop local talent. Many young Emirati medical students want to devote their life to medicine, and Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi will give them the opportunity to practice and build their long-term career at a leading facility at home in Abu Dhabi. Apart from creating new jobs for Emiratis in the development of this bolstering healthcare infrastructure, opportunities will be available for them to further their expertise in new specialty areas and to meet the needs of their local communities.

Sharing knowledge and building on others’ experiences are also key components of the Clinic's commitment to supporting Emirati professional development. All Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi physicians will meet the same standards as those at Cleveland Clinic in the U.S. They will be North American board certified (or equivalent) and licensed by the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HAAD). Eighty percent of the Physician Chairs will come from Cleveland Clinic itself, with many of them already on board and based in Abu Dhabi.

By bringing international and local medical expertise together, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is looking to make a significant contribution towards building a world class, sustainable healthcare system in Abu Dhabi.