Decarbonizing our corporate operations

Mubadala has promoted environmental sustainability through our corporate operations and offices for a number of years, with our flagship Environmental Sustainability in the Workplace initiative launched in 2019, focusing on the '3 Rs' approach: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Since inception, across our main Abu Dhabi offices, this initiative has helped to reduce water usage by 40 percent, increase recycling rates by 14 percent, and significant energy savings of up to 50 percent. This has been achieved through installations of water efficient solutions, reducing waste and increasing recycling rates by replacing products with more sustainable alternatives and partnering with industry and digital solutions, and cutting energy usage in our offices through retrofit measures, and the installation of smart meters. In addition, our London and New York offices are LEED Platinum certified, and we are working to achieve LEED and WELL accreditation on our Abu Dhabi office refurbishment.

We have also actively promoted greener behaviours, for instance through our Print Sustainable scheme, where we have reduced office printing by more than 50 percent since 2019.