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Depending on the vacancy you apply for, there will be various assessments based on your role and level. Generally, a recruitment journey will have five stages:

* At all stages of the journey you will have regular contact with your recruiter who will keep you apprised of the current status and timelines for next steps.

APPLICATION REVIEWYour application will first be reviewed by Mubadala to examine your fit for the role relative to other candidates. Many applications are received for each open position making it impossible to interview every candidate. All candidates will be notified whether their application is being processed further or if it has not been successful on this occasion.
INTRODUCTORY CALLNext, you will receive an introductory call from a recruiter who will share information about Mubadala, as well as the specific job opportunity. During the call, the recruiter will also discuss your experience and develop your profile against key criteria we have established for potential employees and the vacancy in question.
PHONE INTERVIEWFollowing the introductory call, there will be a phone interview with a potential manager to discuss the opportunity and understand expectations on both sides.
FACE-TO-FACE INTERVIEWNext is face-to-face interview(s) with your potential manager and team to experience the Mubadala work environment in person, learn more about the role, and meet the people you would work alongside. Additionally, you may complete some assessments and interactive exercises related to the role you are applying for.
CONTRACT & ONBOARDINGIf you are successful, we will complete some background verification and other checks prior to finalizing the contract and onboarding. This is a necessary step, and may extend the timeframe for hiring on a case-by-case basis.

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