Corporate Structure

Mubadala's business is structured around four global business platforms that together encompass our interests across more than 15 sectors and over more than 50 countries. These platforms allow us to scale and manage our portfolio for growth while maintaining the highest international standards of governance and risk management.

Waleed Al Mokarrab Al Muhairi Waleed Al Mokarrab Al Muhairi Deputy Group CEO and Chief Executive Officer, Alternative Investments & Infrastructure

Alternative Investments & Infrastructure

The Alternative Investments and Infrastructure platform encompasses our capital investment, healthcare, and real estate and infrastructure portfolios. Across all three sectors we see significant growth potential, which we are capitalizing on through active portfolio management and capital deployment in new and existing markets.

Business Sectors

  • Capital

    Mubadala Capital was established in 2011 as the financial investment arm of Mubadala Investment Company (“Mubadala”), one of the world’s leading...

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  • Healthcare

    Mubadala is helping to address the region’s most pressing healthcare needs through a network of specialist, world-class healthcare facilities, while enhancing the overall capabilities of the sector.

    We are supporting the development of a world-class, commercially sustainable private healthcare sector in the UAE.

    Through partnerships...

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  • Real Estate & Infrastructure

    Mubadala Real Estate and Infrastructure began deploying capital into international real estate opportunities in 2013, and today has a portfolio that spans across North America, Europe, and Asia.

    Consistent with the other sectors within the company, Mubadala’s real estate strategy prioritizes direct investing through joint ventures....

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Musabbeh Al Kaabi Musabbeh Al Kaabi Chief Executive Officer, Petroleum & Petrochemicals

Petroleum & Petrochemicals

The Petroleum and Petrochemicals platform is a core pillar of Mubadala Investment Company, building on Abu Dhabi’s rich heritage in the oil and gas sector through investments in 13 leading companies that operate across the hydrocarbon value chain. Comparative in scale to some of the larger global integrated oil and gas companies, the primary goal of our Petroleum and Petrochemicals platform is to maximize value, while contributing to the ongoing diversification and internationalization of the Abu Dhabi economy.

Business Sectors

  • Refining & Petrochemicals

    In the final phase of the value chain, known as downstream, crude oil is refined to produce fuels such as gasoline, diesel and kerosene, while oil and gas products are processed into various materials that are used to make plastics and a wide variety of chemicals such as the base for detergents. 

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Ahmed Yahia Al Idrissi Ahmed Yahia Al Idrissi Chief Executive Officer, Technology, Manufacturing & Mining

Technology, Manufacturing & Mining

The Technology, Manufacturing and Mining platform is a prime example of Mubadala’s contribution to the diversification of the economy of Abu Dhabi, through the development of new industrial sectors in the UAE. The platform operates as the center of advanced technology and the creator of industrial champions in critical value chains such as aluminium, copper, zinc and gold.

Business Sectors

  • Metals & Mining

    Through the development of a globally diversified set of metals and mining businesses, Mubadala is positioning the UAE in fast-growing resource markets while supporting continued growth in domestic manufacturing and the creation of high-skilled jobs.

    We aim to support the creation of industrial champions in critical value chains such as aluminium (including bauxite and alumina), gold, copperand zinc.

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  • Agribusiness

    Mubadala is investing in agribusiness through new partnerships that will drive growth and enable sustainable, responsible and efficient production methods.

    Agriculture and food production account for 40% of global employment and 10% of all consumer spending – approximately $5tn. With global population...

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  • Semiconductors

    As we move towards a future where connectivity and the ‘Internet of Things’ will see further proliferation in the use of the microchip, global demand for semiconductors will continue to increase.

    Mubadala has placed Abu Dhabi at the forefront of the global semiconductor industry and established a core pillar of the emirate’s economic diversification through the growth of GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

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Khaled Abdulla Al Qubaisi Chief Executive Officer, Aerospace, Renewables & ICT

Aerospace, Renewables and Information & Communications Technology

The Aerospace, Renewables and Information & Communications Technology (AR&I) platform helps accelerate diversification of the Abu Dhabi economy through strategic investments across five sectors - Aerospace, Renewables, ICT, Utilities and Defense Services. The platform incorporates 25 businesses which are predominantly homegrown, globally renowned companies operating in growth industries. Companies in the AR&I platform pride themselves on deep-rooted partnerships with global players and a strong pipeline of UAE national talent through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and training initiatives.

Business Sectors

  • Aerospace

    Mubadala’s global network of aerospace businesses is supported by a homegrown manufacturing ecosystem. It delivers world-class performance, develops innovative solutions, and drives unparalleled value and returns for its global customers.

    We are pioneering a cutting-edge, globally integrated aerospace hub in Abu Dhabi, led by a highly-skilled national workforce transforming...

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  • Information & Communications Technology

    Mubadala is investing in a global portfolio of world-class and transformative information and communications technology (ICT) assets, while working to provide future-focused employment opportunities within ICT infrastructure, telecoms, and satellite operations.

    We use our market experience, capabilities and network to invest in companies deploying and operating critical communications...

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  • Renewables

    Mubadala is advancing the development, commercialization and deployment of renewable energy solutions and clean technologies, establishing Abu Dhabi as a global center of excellence in the renewable energy and clean technology sector.

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  • Utilities

    The Utilities portfolio is a global player in the utilities infrastructure sector, which includes power, water and district energy.

    Building on its legacy of successful and strategic partnerships, Mubadala generates jobs for the communities it operates in, develops human capital, and utilizes the most advanced technologies to drive positive returns in countries around the world.

    The Utilities portfolio acts as the bridge to the global energy transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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