Nong Yao Oil Field

Nong Yao Oil Field

Nong Yao is one of Mubadala Petroleum’s three offshore producing operations in Thailand.

Nong Yao is Mubadala Petroleum’s latest operated project in Thailand.

Nong Yao is the second development in Thailand, after Manora, that Mubadala Petroleum has taken from discovery and appraisal through to development and production. 

It is a joint venture between Mubadala Petroleum, which holds a 67.5 percent interest and is the operator, KrisEnergy and Palang Sophon Limited, which hold interests of 22.5 percent and 10 percent, respectively. Discovered in 2009, Nong Yao is located in the G11/48 concession, approximately 165 kilometers offshore northeast of the city of Songkhla in the southern Gulf of Thailand.

Nong Yao’s production facilities comprise a wellhead processing platform and a minimum facility wellhead platform, with crude oil export via a floating storage and offloading (FSO) vessel. Production started in June 2015 and cumulative production has already recorded more than five million barrels of oil.  

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