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Hadjret En Nous Independent Power Project

Shariket Kahraba Hadjret En Nouss is the first privately owned power plant in Algeria

Shariket Kahraba Hadjret En Nous project is a 1,227 MW CCGT power plant located in the Wilaya of Tipaza, about 120 km west of Algiers.

Shariket Kahraba Hadjret En Nous began commercial operations in 2009 and currently contributes approximately 10 percent of Algeria’s current total generation capacity.

The plant consists of three power trains, each over 400MW capacity, in a highly-efficient combined-cycle configuration. Each train consists of a GE Frame 9FB gas turbine, condensing steam turbine, and common generator in a single shaft arrangement. A heat recovery boiler with each train utilizes waste heat in the gas turbine exhaust to produce steam for electricity generation in the steam turbine.

The plant is designed to run on natural gas with distillate fuel oil as back-up. Power generated from the plant is sold to the state-owned Algerian utility, Sonelgaz, under a 20 year gas-to-electricity conversion agreement.

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