What We Do
Real estate
& Infrastructure
The Real Estate & Infrastructure Investments platform deploys capital in assets around the world that offer stable financial returns across business cycles. These investments enable us to mitigate volatility and support Mubadala’s business ambitions in other sectors.
We work in partnership with governments, investment communities and industry leaders around the globe to deliver vital real estate, traditional and digital infrastructure. The portfolio consists of three sectors: Digital Infrastructure, Traditional Infrastructure, and Real Estate Investments.
Khaled Al Shamlan Al Marri

CEO, Real Estate & Infrastructure Investments

Business Units
Digital Infrastructure
Digital Infrastructure Investments is one of the three pillars of Mubadala’s Real Estate & Infrastructure Investments platform, focused on investments in capital intensive, real assets underpinning communication services, data transport, data storage and compute power.
Real Estate
Real Estate pursues primarily direct investments, with an emphasis on diversification by geography, property type, investment style and investment structure. Building strategic relationships with like-minded, institutional partners to seize quality investment opportunities that reflect the nexus between market opportunity and corporate priorities. We invest throughout the capital stack to secure the right balance between cash yield and total return to our portfolio.
Traditional Infrastructure
Traditional Infrastructure Investments deploys capital into physical infrastructure, seeking attractive risk-adjusted returns and delivering a stabilizing force within Mubadala through a multi-region and cross-sector investment strategy.
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