Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology

Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology

With nearly 10% of global population aged 65+, it is estimated this population segment will comprise more than 1.6bn people by 2050. Given this trend, which will require increasing levels of treatment for chronic diseases, the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors have particularly attractive return profiles.

Our pharmaceutical and medical technology investments have a low correlation with Mubadala’s wider portfolio and our current priority sub-sectors include:

  • • Pharmaceuticals, with a focus on the rapidly-growing biologics and complex small molecules segments
  • • Medical Technology, with a focus on orthopedic, cardiovascular, chronic care, and home health solutions
  • • Healthcare IT and Digital Health, given the growing trends of digitization, remote care, and big data & analytics within healthcare
  • • Animal Health, whose sustained growth levels are driven by rising pet adoption and the importance of pet care to many global households, as well as continued protein consumption globally

Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology Portfolio Highlights

  • Alloy Therapeutics

    Alloy is a biotechnology company that is developing and commercializing drug discovery platforms and services

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  • Ansa Biotechnologies

    Ansa is a synthetic biology company whose mission is to develop automated technology to synthesize strands of DNA in a fast, reliable and non-toxic matter.

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  • Ciitizen

    Ciitizen is a clinical trial patient recruitment platform that takes a patient-centric approach (versus provider/payer/pharma-centric) to establish a high-quality double-sided marketplace for matching patients and trials.

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  • Collective Health

    Collective Health (“CH”) is an enterprise software company building an end-to-end self-insurance platform to help employers process, manage and analyze health benefits.

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  • Outset Medical

    Outset is a medical technology company pioneering a first-of-its-kind technology to reduce the cost and complexity of dialysis.

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  • Datavant

    Datavant's mission is to connect the world's health data to improve patient outcomes.

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  • Certara

    Certara accelerates medicines using its proprietary biosimulation software and technology to transform traditional drug discovery and development.

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$132 M

Mubadala led Outset Medical’s US$132 million series D fundraising round, becoming one of the leading investors in the manufacturer of innovative home dialysis technology

$8.6 T

The global healthcare market is currently $8.6 trillion and is estimated to grow to $10.1 trillion by 2024