Cognit Technology Services (Cognit)


Cognit is providing transformative cognitive computing to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region


Founded in 2015, Cognit is the exclusive provider of IBM’s computing system, Watson, to organizations throughout MENA.

A joint venture between Mubadala and IBM Watson, Cognit supports business intelligence and decision makers to bring informed thinking, transformation and disruptive innovation to their industries.

Cognitive computing represents a new era in which systems can process information like a human, acquiring knowledge and gaining value over time. IBM Watson is capable of understanding natural language, analyzing large volumes of unstructured data, responding to complex questions with evidence-based answers, and discovering new actionable patterns and insights.

In Abu Dhabi, Cognit is helping to foster a local ecosystem of partners, entrepreneurs, start-ups and application developers who can apply cognitive computing in new and innovative ways. Professionals within  healthcare, financial services, retail, aviation and education markets, are harnessing new possibilities to solve important business and societal challenges.

In 2016, IBM Watson became available in Arabic. 

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