Gulf Energy Maritime (GEM)

Gulf Energy Maritime (GEM)

Gulf Energy Maritime (GEM) is one of the leading commercial product and chemical tanker companies in the Middle East, providing high standards of safety and quality in its marine transportation and operations in the energy markets across the world.

Gulf Energy Maritime (GEM)

Established in 2004, Gulf Energy Maritime (GEM) is a leading independent product and chemical tanker company with a primary objective to maintain high standards of safety and quality in ship construction, operation and management. Its tankers are designed to carry high-quality of petroleum products, chemicals and other hydrocarbons.


With a 30.5% stake by Mubadala, GEM is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and has a highly selective customer base which includes Glencore, BP, Oman Methanol Company, Vitol, Trafigura, Shell, ENOC, and many others.

GEM currently owns and manages a fleet of 19 trading ships, having grown from owning just two ships in 2004, making it the Middle East's largest private, independent commercial energy transporter.

The fleet ranges typically from 37,000 to 75,000 dwt spread across different vessel classes with 8 Panamax, 3 Handysize and 6 MR vessels. Its most recent acquisitions are two new Aframax vessels from Samsung Heavy Industries with a capacity of 114,700 dwt – both of which are Long Range 2 specification, capable of carrying both clean petroleum products and dirty products.

The company’s growth perspective is a long-term strategic one and accordingly the majority of its vessels are expected to be fixed in a mixed portfolio of long-term and spot charters.

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