Abu Dhabi Ship Building Company (ADSB)

Abu Dhabi Ship Building Company (ADSB)

Abu Dhabi Ship Building is committed to delivering value to regional customers by building and repairing commercial and naval ships

Abu Dhabi Ship Building Company (ADSB)

Established in 1996 and headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB) has built a strong reputation, a dedicated workforce of 1,000 people and leveraged its strategic location to cement itself as a leading shipbuilder and support contractor for naval, military and commercial operators in the region.

ADSB provides a highly-focused team of new construction, repair and through-life maintenance specialists. The company is equipped to offer the very highest standards of construction, maintenance and repair, refit and upgrade of a wide range of ships and offshore units, including commercial vessels, rigs and offshore support vessels, dredgers and other workboats, as well as its wide range military products.

In 2016, ADSB commissioned its first floating drydock at Zayed Port in Mina, Abu Dhabi. The floating dock, which began servicing vessels in July 2016, has greatly enhanced the company’s commercial service offering, allowing it to cater to larger ships and tap into a new customer base from industries such as oil and gas.

Joint ventures and service agreements with world renowned companies have allowed ADSB to provide top-tier support services to GCC maritime security forces. Currently the company is leading the region’s largest ever naval shipbuilding program for UAE Navy’s Baynunah class corvettes. In 2017, ADSB delivered two of eight landing ships to the Kuwait Naval Force.

ADSB is 10 percent owned by Abu Dhabi’s government, 40 percent owned by Mubadala Investment Company, and 50 percent publicly traded on Abu Dhabi’s Securities Exchange, ADX.

In 2017, ADSB announced its intentions to expand its services portfolio to the oil and gas industry, marking the company’s first foray outside of the marine sector.

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