Agribusiness Sector

Mubadala is investing in agribusiness through new partnerships that will drive growth and enable sustainable, responsible and efficient production methods.

Food and agribusiness comprise a $5 trillion sector accounting for 10 percent of all consumer spending and 40 percent of worldwide employment*.

Our strategy focuses on the production component of the value chain, especially on animal protein and high-value crops. We are seeking opportunities that support the creation of greater scale, where Mubadala can deploy capital in businesses that are responsibly addressing long-term supply constraints and where innovative technology and methods can have transformational impact.

*Source: The World Bank

  • Aquaculture

    Aquaculture is the first priority agribusiness sub-sector for Mubadala.

    Technology and innovation within aquaculture is making cultivation more efficient and sustainable in coastal waters and open ocean. Innovation is rebuilding populations of threatened and endangered species.