A dynamic financial solutions company for the commercial aviation industry.

Sanad drives client value by creating efficient facilities for the financing of spare inventories and assets. The company brings a deep understanding of structured finance alongside a depth in technical services to offer unique integrated solutions in partnership with a growing network of Aerospace and Industrial OEMs and service providers.

Named after the Arabic word for "support," Sanad Aero Solutions is an innovative asset leasing entity offering dynamic financial solutions with a focus on spare engines and components. It has established itself as a market leader in the industry with a portfolio exceeding US $1 billion in assets supporting a growing number of industry leading airlines and service providers across the globe.

The global aviation industry is maintaining an estimated US$ 50 billion in spare engines and components today and is forecast to add more than US$ 50 billion of new spares to support fleet growth in the next decade. Through Sanad’s dedicated financing programs, airlines are able to monetize existing assets, reduce costs, eliminate residual value risk and increase operational flexibility by freeing up capital and redirecting it towards other operational requirements.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi with offices in Abu Dhabi and Zurich, Sanad harnesses the strength of its shareholder and industry expertise to provide reliable access to secure, long-term capital that meets the industry’s growing needs.

Sanad is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mubadala Investment Company.

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