Remember when the idea of artificial intelligence was a tale of fiction and a concept only used in movies?

Well we’ve got news for you - artificial intelligence is in the works, now! And with the help of Cognit, a Mubadala and IBM Watson company, this modern day technology has made its way to the region to nurture a community of entrepreneurs, start-ups and app developers.

What is Watson?
Watson is the first cognitive system in the world that can process data through senses and interacting with users. It’s the closest thing to a digital human. Just like people, Watson interfaces are always learning from their surroundings and generating ideas.

Cognit Business Developer, Anuj Jain, said: “Cognit’s aim is to accelerate artificial intelligence into the Middle East region.

“For start-ups and entrepreneurs, the advantages of partnering with Cognit are access to artificial intelligence technology at a faster pace, as well as technical support to build their business solutions.”

So if you’re a tech enthusiast, entrepreneur or even a business developer looking to implement this kind of technology into your project or business, take your chances and sign up to Watson Build.

What is the Watson Build challenge?

The Watson Build challenge is an opportunity for Cognit’s business partners, start-ups and entrepreneurs to compete to develop a business solution for a chance to work with IBM Watson and Cognit.

The winning team will get assistance from IBM and Cognit to develop their solution and to produce and deliver it to the market.

Tom Schott, IBM Watson Project Manager, said: “This competition fills a lot of gaps in the market, especially in a region where there are a lot of ideas that are not brought to reality. With this competition, we are connecting with those individuals or corporations to give them the right kind of support.”

Do you want to be part of the future of business entrepreneurship in the digital world and enhance how users interact with your technology? Then head over to



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