Outer space has become the next dream destination for future leaders of the aerospace and aviation industry.

And bringing these aspiring pilots, aer-ospace engineers and scientists one step closer to their ambitions was the Global Aerospace Summit, hosted by Mubadala.

The summit took place over the three days at the St Regis hotel in Abu Dha-bi, exposing the community to industry experts from all over the world. It aimed to showcase local talent to the international market and to highlight what the UAE has to offer.

Luckily for the students, this year’s theme was none other than Youth. The summit acted as a channel for stu-dents to network and voice their ideas, concerns, opinions and even ask ques-tions relevant to their field.

Homaid Al Shimmari, Deputy Group CEO Chief Human Capital & Corporate Officer, said: “Through these events, youth need to understand that we aren’t competing within our region, we are competing internationally -and it’s the youth who will get us there.”

The event kicked off its first day with a Youth Circle, in which Lockheed CEO Marillyn Hewson, discussed her role and gave three pieces of advice to young people, including those working for companies including Yahsat and Strata.

She told the Circle to have a passion for what they do, to focus on work that captures their imagination, and to learn continuously throughout their careers.

“I’m impressed with the UAE vision and that it's about the people,” she said. “Engineers have the solutions and can make a real difference to UAE. Tech-nology can improve lives through areas including connectivity, commerce, AI, and data science.”

After the event, members of the public were eager to speak to a specific member of the audience who isn’t just a big name within the industry, but also within the region - Mishaal Ashemimry, the first Saudi women to join NASA.

Students gathered around Mishaal, seeking inspiration from her story and advice on her journey to making it to NASA.

The summit hosted a number of firsts, with the keynote speaker of the final day being Shaesta Waiz, the first fe-male certified civilian pilot from Afghan-istan, and the youngest woman to fly solo around the world in a single-engine aircraft.

To add to her list of achievements, she is also the CEO of Dreams Soar, a non-profit organization aimed at pro-moting STEM all over the world.

During her keynote speech, she took us down memory lane, highlighting milestones throughout her journey. She said that as a little girl she was like many other kids that found STEM in-timidating and hard, but it was her passion for aviation that changed her perspective.

Shaesta said: “It was my passion for aviation that encouraged me to focus on STEM, and to think I couldn’t have pursued my dreams because of my intimidation towards the subject.

“Therefore, it’s my goal to inspire the next generation to not be so intimidated by STEM, by really breaking it down for them and to show them that it plays an important role in our everyday life.”

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