Students across Abu Dhabi and Al Ain gain insight on what it takes to create a sustainable and environmental friendly property.

This year’s Make It competition proved that the future of UAE’s sustainability is in good hands.

The Make It competition is an initiative aimed at giving youth an idea about the different aspects and career paths involved in the manufacturing industry, such as engineering, business and design.

Students’ aged 13-15 years from schools across Abu Dhabi and Al Ain gained valuable career insight by putting themselves in the shoes of industry professionals to create a project from scratch, along with a business proposal.

Everything from research and development, manufacturing, budgeting, and advertising was included in the activities to give students an accurate overview of product development.

To make things even more interesting, Make It partnered with Masdar to integrate the topic of sustainability into the activity’s learning outcomes.

Before getting started on their projects, the students were given instructions on the event’s objectives and agenda.

The task of the day was to develop a property, either commercial or residential, using sustainable methods. With a 3D printer as the prize for the winning school, the students wasted no time in getting sustainably creative.

Each group immediately assigned a job role to each member of the team and started working.

As the project manager oversaw the decision making process, research and development teams were assigned to brainstorm the type of property and its purpose. Finance and marketing teams handled the manufacturing and adverting costs involved.

Abdulla Al Shamsi, student from Brighton College said, “As the project manager of my team, I’m able to oversee and take part in all departments involved from brainstorming to production, giving me a better insight on what it takes to get into manufacturing”

He added, “Before this, I thought manufacturing was only engineering, but Make It really opened my eyes to the job roles out there.”

In addition to the students, each team was assigned a volunteer with an engineering background in order to assist the students with their project and guide them in the right direction.

Besides the task at hand, students also had to go through a series of team building exercises and counseling sessions that contributed to the overall completion of their project.

Student Mohammed Al Ahbabi said, “The best part of this competition was the team work, it taught me how to work with people and lead them to be the first. This workshop is also taught me the different ways I can help improve the sustainability in the UAE when I’m older.”

With over 20 groups participating in both Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, individual awards were handed out to the students with the best presentation and leadership skills and two schools were selected as winners of this year’s Make It competition.

UK based Manufacturing Institute and BAE Systems organized the challenge, alongside and Masdar. To learn more about sustainability, visit Masdar’s website:


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