Ten Emirati interns went from throwing paper planes in the air as kids to suc-cessfully completing the Boeing Intern-ship Program, as they kick start their career in the aerospace industry.

Future aerospace engineers were sent to Boeing’s workspace to work along-side industry experts and learn about the role of automation and robotics in the manufacturing process, as part of the Boeing Internship Program.

Ali Alolama, intern said: “As a child I would always draw airplanes on the wall. And I always told myself that one day this would be the plane I would build when I grow up.”

The internship is a four months of in-tensive training program where stu-dents gain valuable practical work ex-perience in their fields of study.

The interns also participated in various other professional development activi-ties designed to build and broaden their exposure to what a career in Aer-ospace Engineering and Manufacturing entails.

Mansoor Al Saadi, intern from Khalifa University of Science said, “As an aer-ospace engineering student, seeing how an airplane is built from scratch plays a big role in our practical education, since back at university we mainly learn through textbooks.”

Abhi Chakravarty, BCA Global Leader said: “ As the students study, they are also interacting who have spent years in the aerospace industry.”

This is a great opportunity for them to get educated and take back that knowledge to their home country, which will help them take the industry forward”

Mubadala offers internship opportuni-ties for talented Emirati students as part of its commitment to developing local human capital capable of meeting the demands of a diversified economy.



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