The MBZ Majlis was the perfect forum for hundreds of students to discuss innovation, entrepreneurship and becoming the next generation of business leaders.

But there was only one place where you could chat with a robot.

Cognit is the joint venture between Mubadala and IBM Watson. The company had a stand at the two-day MBZ Majlis that featured a very special guest appearance from IBM Watson’s smart robot.

Designed to interact with humans, the robot registers words, facial expressions, and body language, and adapts to them. It can gain a huge amount of knowledge over time, allowing it to process information like a human.

Students had a great time laughing and joking with the robot and learning more from Cognit’s team about the incredible world of cognitive computing.

Ayman Alrekhaimi, Business Development Manager at Cognit, said: “Cognit is really proud to be playing a major role at an event that feeds the curiosity of students.

“IBM Watson provides a new era in cognitive intelligence and it was fantastic to introduce the technology to so many people. We had some great interactions with young people who are going to be the driving force behind taking this technology to the next level.”

Cognit’s team also introduced young people to its ingenious career advisor service. The aim of the technology is to show young people what opportunities are available to them and what skills and experiences are required to go into specific careers.

So what’s special about the technology that makes it cut above an ordinary career search engine? Using the power of IBM Watson, the app can personalize a career search, making sure the user is introduced to opportunities that don’t just match their field of study, but their personality as well.

The finder shows its full abilities by using powerful analytics to study a piece of writing that the user inputs. From these words, it can create an accurate profile of that person’s personality. It then shows them potential career paths, making it the UAE’s most intelligent career advisor.

Nasser Al Mansouri, a student at Zayed University, said: “This is a huge development for graduates in the UAE who are entering the job market.

“There are so many opportunities in the UAE that it can be a bit confusing as to which career is right for you. This app helps you to narrow down your search by finding the careers that are the best match to your major, as well as your skills and interests.”

Head to to discover more about Cognit and the remarkable world of IBM Watson technology.



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