Back in 2014 we got a chance to speak to Mubadala employee, Ayman Adam, after he climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s research. Fast forward two years later, and Ayman is at it again, proving there isn’t a mountain he can’t overcome after returning from his weeklong trek to the highest point in Europe, Mount Elbrus.

What started out as a charity fundraising adventure, led him to find his passion, setting him on track to be one of the few Emiratis to trek all seven summits.

“With the intention to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s, I also wanted to do something that was memorable and fulfilling, and with this experience both came hand in hand”

Reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro was a sense of accomplishment that Ayman wanted to relive, but it wasn’t until he completed his national service that he decided to get his boots on and go for it again, this time on Elbrus.

He continued: “I was tested mentally and physically during my military service, but that just made me determined to do my second mountain.”

Ayman described his most recent summit as, “ Kilimanjaro with a twist, it was like a new experience of the same activity.”

While Elbrus is similar in height compared to Kilimanjaro, (just 255 meters less), the mountain has its own set of challenges due to the winter weather and icy terrains.

“The challenge from the very start was the ice. When climbing on ice you need to be aware and cautious of every movement you and the others make, since we were climbing in a single line formation”

When breathing got difficult as they reached higher altitudes, Ayman remained persistent and knew giving up wasn’t an option.

“I kept my flag inside my jacket pocket, just in case I lost my bag, I knew my flag was always on me. It was a reminder that no matter how tough it got, I was still connected to it.”

“There was a bigger purpose to keep pushing through, I wanted to represent my country. I was the only Emirati in the group, therefore giving up wasn’t possible. I wanted to be known as the Emirati who reached the top.”

With each trek, Ayman learns something new from the experience that he reflects in both his personal and professional life.

“Climbing a mountain is such a symbolic experience as I believe it reflects how we tackle and triumph through the obstacles we face.

“Each journey comes with a positive internal change that happens organically. I learned to set goals and stay laser focused in reaching them.”

Ayman’s advice to the youth of Weyana, “find that one thing that rejuvenates your drive, try new things and you might just find your passion.”

To know more about Ayman, check out our previous interview with the mountain climber:



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