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World-class healthcare, close to home

World-class healthcare, close to home

A healthy population, supported by a world-class healthcare system, is one of the foundations of the Abu Dhabi Government’s vision for a prosperous society.

To support this vision, Mubadala has developed a network of seven world-class healthcare providers to meet the specific health needs of the expanding Abu Dhabi population. In particular, we are focusing on specialized areas where patients have traditionally travelled abroad for complex care and treatment.

By partnering with renowned international medical institutions such as Imperial College London and Cleveland Clinic, we have brought the highest clinical expertise to Abu Dhabi and adapted it for local needs.

As well as delivering essential healthcare services to Abu Dhabi, we are also acting as a catalyst for the wider development of the healthcare sector in the emirate as well as providing opportunities for the next generation of Emirati healthcare professionals.

87% of the medical needs of the general population can be cared for within the Mubadala Healthcare network, and that is a tremendous stride that Abu Dhabi should be proud of.

Suhail Mahmood Al Ansari

Executive Director,Mubadala Healthcare


Through the creation specialized world-class healthcare facilities, Mubadala is helping address the pressing healthcare needs of the nation, and build regional capabilities to further develop the healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi.