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A new era of disruptive technology

A new era of disruptive technology

IBM’s Watson represents a new era in computing which uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data.

By investing in cutting-edge technologies, governments, private sector companies and nonprofits throughout MENA are enhancing the region’s cities and supporting growth across sectors. Given today’s accelerated pace of change, it is crucial to adapt to new technology and make sense of complex information to support smart and thoughtful decision-making.

Mubadala and IBM Watson formed Cognit as a business to provide Watson technology to organizations across the Middle East region, ushering in technological innovation across multiple sectors. 

IBM Watson is the world’s first cognitive computing system – a new kind of computing where complex systems act and process information less like traditional computers and more like a humans. IBM Watson can understand natural language and quickly analyze large volumes of unstructured data. Like a human, it’s also able to respond to complex questions with evidence-based answers and discover new, actionable patterns and insights.

IBM is currently working on hundreds of projects to expand Watson's industry domain knowledge across areas including healthcare, law, education, insurance and finance, as well as teaching the system languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and now Arabic. 

We are aiming to create a positive impact on people’s lives by bringing cutting-edge, disruptive technology to the MENA region. Cognit will enable IBM Watson to play a significant role in reshaping decision-making across all sectors by connecting it to partners, entrepreneurs, start-ups and application developers

Mounir Barakat

Executive Director, Information & Communications Technology, Mubadala


Through Cognit, Mubadala and IBM Watson will generate business intelligence across the MENA region, enabling every decision maker to bring informed thinking, transformative ideas and disruptive innovations to their industry.