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International Women’s Day

As a responsible global investor, Mubadala’s is proud to have assets operating to the highest safety standards.



Rattan Watcharanantakul is a Geoscientist working for Mubadala Petroleum in Thailand. Follow her as she journeys offshore in the Gulf of Thailand to visit the Jasmine Oil Field. Through Rattan’s analysis Mubadala Petroleum has exceeded 70 million barrels of oil and extended the field life for a further 11 years since 2012. The data she produces informs the drilling teams where to look, and how deep to drill for optimized oil extraction.


In Malta, upstate New York, Katelyn Manella is one of the employees changing the industry that is changing the world. Discover how she is pushing herself and technological boundaries through her work as a principal engineer in the Photolithography department of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, one of a handful of companies in the world capable of making 14nm technology. Katelyn works in one of the most tightly controlled environments on Earth, in one of the most critical and intense portions of Fab 8.


Hulva in Spain is home to the famous Rio Tinto, one of the world’s oldest mining regions. For several generations, Puri Fernandez Rodriguez’s family have worked in the mines. Watch as she shares what motivated and inspired her to work in safety. She is responsible for every person that enters Matsa, and she is known as the doorway to the mine. Recent innovations are expected to extend mining at Matsa for at least another 20 years.

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