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Emirati Women’s Day - Part 2

Preparing for the next fifty years: Women are the support of the nation

On the 28th of August, the UAE will celebrate Emirati Women's Day. The theme for this year is "Preparing for the next fifty years: Women are the support of the nation". This year’s theme aligns with the national theme that the year 2020 will be the year of preparations for the next 50 years. The role and contribution of Emirati women in the nation's advancement will be defined, and they will be a strategic partner, alongside men, in anticipating the future, mapping out its course and contributing to its successful delivery.

We dedicate this page to some of the inspirational women at Mubadala, and their vision of the role of women as a support and partner in the process of planning and preparing for the future.

Fatima Faheemi
Senior Vice President, Mubadala Metals & Mining

Fatima is a Senior Vice President, Mubadala Metals & Mining, where she is driving business development and managing one of our key mining assets in Spain, Minas de Aguas Tenidas (“MATSA”)

She joined Mubadala in late 2012, as an associate with the mining team, which was at the time part of the Industry platform.

Prior to joining Mubadala, Fatima held a number of corporate positions with leading global companies in the region, such as Hewlett Packard where she was part of the Enterprise Services team and roles in investment banking with N.M. Rothschild.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the American University of Sharjah and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Her hobbies and passions include vary from conventional sports, which include horse riding, showjumping and fencing. To more artistic pursuits such as painting and sculpture along with slightly more unusual interests in swords and antique sailing ship models.

1. Tell us about your career journey in Mubadala: the major milestones, challenges and opportunities.

Looking back, it has been a remarkable journey with a number of major milestones, although it has to be said that it was not all smooth sailing.

Yet, that is to be expected and it just makes the achievements even more worthwhile.

Among the major milestones I have achieved are:

1. Establishing Metals & Mining as a core sector under Mubadala’s portfolio.

2. Solidifying Mubadala’s position as a key investor in the mining sector.

3. Growing the mining portfolio from a single local asset to a diversified global asset portfolio spanning the Americas, Europe and Africa in less than five years

4. Building a team of high caliber, talented professionals that became a cohesive unit and (continues to) relentlessly drive on the delivery of the sector, platform and organization mandate.

As with any career journey, the road was not always smooth and there was a fair share of challenges and opportunities.

That being said, it was the support network - within Mubadala and beyond - that helped me not only navigate and tackle these experiences but also benefit and learn from them.

2. Who are your role models (men or women)?

I don’t have a particular person that I can name as a role model, as I have had many that I hold in high regard throughout my life and career.

They consist of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities and gender, who tend to possess shared traits including a strong sense of purpose, highly developed self-awareness and self-confidence, an intrinsic moral compass and values framework and perseverance and drive.

3. What inspired you to pursue a career as an investment professional? What is it that makes you so passionate for the role?

Strategy and value creation are what inspired me to pursue a career as an investment professional.

The ability to recognize the unrealized potential of an investment, unlocking it, resulting in a more valuable entity than what was initially presumed.

All of which is overlaid by determining the right timing (of entry and exit) and the market conditions.

4. How do you see the role of Emirati women changing in the years to come, and what are the drivers of that change?

The country’s leadership has always recognized the value potential of women and their contribution to UAE society, implementing policies focused on the development of Emirati women alongside their male counterparts.

As such, women have played an active role in the country and I do not see that as changing. It is their role that will change with Emirati women assuming increasingly more visible, senior leadership positions in key public and private institutions throughout the country.

These appointments will be merit-based rather than due to any gender-equality policies and a direct consequence of Emirati women stepping up and actively managing their own development resulting in the realization of their full value potential.

Among the key drivers underlying this change are the shift to a smart-based economy, increasing demand for a globally competitive local workforce and the increasingly global scope of leading UAE institutions, including Sovereign Wealth Funds.

5. Why do you think it is important to celebrate Emirati Women’s Day?

The celebration of Emirati Women’s day is a recognition of the role that women have played in shaping and driving the development of the country.

It provides a vital acknowledgment of the contributions and achievements of previous generations, leveraging that to inspire and drive the achievements of the next one.

Hamda Ahmed AlKaabi
Analyst Trainee, hydrogen council team, Petroleum and Petrochemicals, Mubadala

Hamda is an analyst trainee and part of the hydrogen council team for Mubadala’s Petroleum & Petrochemicals Platform.

Ever since she was a little girl, she believed that she was smart, ambitious and creative. She worked hard in school to see the proud smiles on her parent’s faces.

After graduating high school, she attended Khalifa University, where she studied mechanical engineering with a minor in nuclear engineering and pursued a master of mechanical engineering.

After that, she shifted to a new field that was unexpectedly joining the CFA program in Mubadala.

She has a strong passion for art and has won many competitions in addition to opening a gallery.

1. Tell us about your career journey in Mubadala: the major milestones, challenges and opportunities.

I joined the Mubadala CFA program with Dr. Zuhair. The class was interesting and intensive with tough exams. I believe that the program has given us opportunities to meet people from different business platforms and learn about a wide variety of sectors in Mubadala.

Moreover, the platform interviews provided the best opportunity to communicate with and meet many Mubadala employees from different parts of the business.

2. Who are your role models (men or women)?

My role model is my sister Dr. Nawal Al Kaabi, Chief Medical Officer – SKMC.

Since I was young, I noticed her deep interest in medicine and a strong passion for helping others and her strong determination to achieve, help and develop anything under her control.

3. What inspired you to pursue an interest in the energy sector? What is it about this sector that makes you so passionate for the industry?

Energy has always been fascinating; I enjoyed understanding the mechanism or the source of the power, which most of the time is heat or motion.

The energy sector is vital where a small improvement can save a lot of resources, environment, cost and effort and can create revolutions in other sectors since many need power to proceed.

4. What do you aspire to achieve in your career/ Where do you see yourself in 5 – 10 years from now?

I believe my work in Mubadala will enable me to see ideas turn to reality and help boost the economy.

I see myself after five years as a team leader who is all willing to support others, make even bigger contributions, and empower young women starting their career journey.

Ten years from now, I can see myself with even bigger responsibilities where I will empower, support multiple teams, and help to be part of the continually evolving role of female leaders in business.

5. How do you see the role of Emirati women changing in the years to come, and what are the drivers of that change?

The role of Emirati women is well defended in the UAE. Emirati Women are doing everything; the only thing left is to go to space.

I advise young Emirati women to dream big and follow their ambition.

Appreciation will make women even more successful, creative and a giver for their country and family.

Sara Abdulla AlShimmari
Analyst Trainee, Strategic Planning and KPI team, Petroleum and Petrochemicals, Mubadala

Sara started in Mubadala as a CFA Trainee with Dr. Zouheir Jarkas; she then joined the Petroleum and Petrochemicals Platform, specifically with the Strategic Planning and KPI team, where she is an Analyst Trainee.

Sara studied in Rosary School Abu Dhabi and she was part of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Scholars Program for Outstanding High School Students at New York University Abu Dhabi.

She went on to study a bachelor’s degree in Social Research and Public Policy, majoring in political studies at New York University Abu Dhabi.

Outside of work, she enjoys learning new languages and traveling.

1. Tell us about your career journey in Mubadala: the major milestones, challenges and opportunities.

One of the great opportunities that Mubadala offers is the 6-month CFA training program, which is an intensive program that prepares ambitious young Emiratis to become more aware and educated in the financial world. It is a great way to start carving out a career in finance and investment.

Mubadala also allows us to work with world-leading experts and learn more through their guidance. Working in Mubadala is challenging, but at the same time is very engaging and rewarding; I’m constantly challenged to learn more and keep myself updated on the latest news and technologies around the world.

In Mubadala, I’m also surrounded by ambitious, talented and achieving coworkers that inspire me to set higher goals for myself.

2. Who are the women that inspire you and why?

I am inspired by the dedication, loyalty and hard work of each and every Emirati woman in all different sectors and roles in the society.

Today with the support of our country and leadership, Emirati women are more empowered and ambitious to strive and achieve their goals no matter how ambitious they are.

3. Where do you see the energy sector in 10 years’ time and what opportunities do you think will be available for women?

I believe that the energy sector will develop a lot in the next ten years and will not only be centered around traditional energy sources like oil and natural gas.

It will involve more efficient, durable technologies that will be based on the consumption levels and more focused on using clean and renewable energy sources.

4. What advice would you give to a young Emirati women planning on starting her career in the energy sector?

The energy sector needs passionate and skilled Emirati women. I encourage women interested in the energy sector to keep abreast of the latest developments, as this is an ever-evolving field.

Also, I encourage Emirati Women to pursue their goals and dreams with hard work, passion and dedication.

5. Why do you think it is important to celebrate Emirati Women’s Day?

I believe that every day is an Emirati Women’s Day; however, this celebration is important because we need to remind all Emirati women of our appreciation for their continuous generosity and unlimited giving to the society.

Shaikha Al Mazrouei
Asset Manager for Yahsat, under the Aerospace, Renewables and ICT platform, Mubadala

Shaikha is a member of the asset management team in Aerospace, Renewables and ICT platform, Mubadala. In her role as asset manager for Yahsat – Satellite Communication Company, she provides expertise and analysis to support throughout the life cycle of the asset including but not limited to new investments, value-added initiatives, business planning, governance and other aspects to ensure value creation and increase the return to the shareholder.

Shaikha has an architecture-engineering background from UAE University and holds a master’s degree in Engineering Systems and Management from Masdar Institute of Science and Technology.

In her free time, she enjoys volunteering and community service, particularly related to youth initiatives. She also likes cooking and designing Islamic art patterns.

1. Tell us about your career journey in Mubadala: the major milestones, challenges and opportunities.

During my 8-years at Mubadala, I have been part of an exciting journey and my main contribution continues to drive positive results for the company.

Throughout the years, I have had the chance to work on asset management, business developments and special initiatives, which have reflected positively in shaping my career and developing my professional experience.

In 2018, I had the privilege to join the local organizing committee of the Special Olympics World Games – Abu Dhabi 2019, the first-ever world event happening in the Middle East for people with intellectual disabilities.

In my role, I was responsible for developing and overseeing strategy projects that created an inclusive platform to empower people of determination in areas such as education, community initiatives, art & culture and others.

2. Who are your role models (men or women)?

I always consider the late H.H Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan (may Allah bless his soul) as my role model for his vision and being the driving force behind the country transition from “oil-rich” to one of the well-recognized countries in the world.

He had a deep respect for the role played by women in society and encouraged them to take up leadership roles to contribute to the success of the country.

3. What inspired you to pursue an interest in the Information Communication technology sector? What is it about this sector that makes you so passionate for the industry?

ICT is one of the most innovative and exciting industries to work in. Information technologies as cloud computing, data centers, satellite operations, etc. are making their way into most aspects of our lives and are considered as a platform for connecting people worldwide.

Besides the current opportunities it has, there is always continues to need to improve IT and communication services and this inspires me to play a role in this sector.

Although a lot of studies show that women are under-represented in the ICT job market, I see the trend is changing. I strongly believe there are a lot of career opportunities in this sector as governments around the globe are designing programs and running initiatives to encourage women to take a bigger role.

The UAE has made significant progress in its mission to empower Emirati females in all sectors including ICT, for example, you can see women representation in management, boards and senior leadership positions.

4. How do you see the role of Emirati women changing in the years to come, and what are the drivers of that change?

One of my favorite quote of the late H.H Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan is “I encourage women to work in positions that maintain respect and dignity as mothers and makers of generations.”

In my opinion, Emirati women have proven themselves as a great driving force in the community, first as mothers, and second as a leader equipped with education, experience and determination.

There is continuous attention from the government to the advancement in the role of women in all areas such as in ministries, parliaments, defense, economy and others.

5. What advice would you give to a young Emirati women planning on starting her career in the industrial sector?

My advice to young Emirati females, no matter what your background is, don’t waste your time waiting for the “exact” opportunity that you envisioned to have.

Grow your skills and knowledge, be open and accept challenges; your dream job will find its way to you.

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