As part of its commitment to bringing the community together, Mubadala, in partnership with UAE Tour has launched the ‘UAE Tour Mubadala Ramadan Virtual Challenge,’ an indoor cycling event that offered the community to get involved in sports and continue to lead an active lifestyle during the current pandemic.

The challenge, that aimed to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle while confined indoors during the holy month of Ramadan, was held on April 24 for three weeks and concluded on May 12.

Participants were invited to complete one race against the clock per week on the virtual cycling platform Zwift, with a host of prizes available for top finishers and virtual medals awarded to all those who take part.

The UAE Tour Mubadala Ramadan Virtual Challenge not only offered cycling enthusiasts an opportunity to compete with others from around the world, but to also showcase the community collective positive spirits during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

A total of 724 participants registered for the virtual challenge and have competed while staying at their homes.