As part of an ongoing commitment to support the UAE’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Mubadala Healthcare and Strata Manufacturing are working together to manufacture essential medical supplies by utilizing additive manufacturing to produce incubation capsules, face shields and ear guards.

Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, Senior Vice President at Mubadala Healthcare, highlights that leveraging the healthcare network and its partnership with Strata to develop home-grown UAE innovations that can provide the highest standards of patient and caregiver care.

Ismail Ali Abdulla, CEO of Strata, sheds light on the company's two new manufacturing lines through its supply chain in the UAE that include face shields, which will have an annual production capacity of 25 million; and the COVID-19 Patient Intubation Capsule, which is the latest solution developed between Mubadala Healthcare and Strata.

The joint teams developed the incubation capsule to optimize care and safety for COVID-19 patients and health workers to prevent the spread of the virus. The capsule is a self-contained plastic box that fits around a patient’s face and head to allow proper ventilation, and provides caregivers with an additional layer of protection from infected patients. Additionally, the ear guards being made for health workers will help alleviate pressure on their ears which could be caused due to the prolonged use of masks.

Mubadala Healthcare has enlisted the help of its Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and Healthpoint facilities to run trials of the COVID-19 patient facial casing prototypes in non-live conditions. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s infection control experts will also be providing medical opinions, supply chain support and clinical engineering capacities.

Once Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and Healthpoint experts, Mubadala Healthcare, and the Abu Dhabi government approve the facial casing, Strata will convert the working prototypes into mass production. Strata has also donated more than 350,000 gloves and 1,000 mask clips to Mubadala Healthcare medical facilities as part of the collaboration between the two entities.