Minesa is a Colombian gold mining company, 100% owned by Mubadala, that is currently in the process of applying for its operational license. The company is committed to supporting people impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, especially within its local community of Soto Norte.

Santiago Angel Urdinola, Minesa’s President, highlights the company’s numerous efforts in response to the pandemic, including its work to increase the capacity of the healthcare system within its area of influence.

Minesa has implemented a home working policy and is guaranteeing the income and employment of its 252 employees during the outbreak. It is paying a solidarity bonus to support local contractors and has distributed 2,000 food kits to vulnerable families in the area.

Minesa is also providing medical kits to Soto Norte’s municipalities and has created a Wi-Fi platform that allows home learning for the pupils of its local schools.