Healthpoint has been taking important steps to support efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Jose Lopez, Chief Executive Officer at HealthPoint, highlights the hospital’s efforts to combat the spread of the virus in Abu Dhabi by identifying and isolating positive cases in the most efficient and low-risk way possible.

A COVID-19 drive-through testing site has been launched at Healthpoint, and is screening on average 350 patients daily with a total of 5,000 patients serviced to date. Tests are being administered in a way that allows individuals to maintain social distancing by remaining in their cars to minimize the risk of new infections. Healthpoint is also limiting the number of entrances to its facilities by screening all patients before they enter.

The hospital is also limiting non-critical visits by offering tele-consultations so patients do not have to go to any of the facilities. This allows patients to connect with their healthcare providers, ensuring consistency of care, in addition to the medication home delivery offering.

Dr. Waleed Farouk Mohamed, Head of General Practitioner Department at Healthpoint, also emphasizes the commitment and dedication of the Healthpoint frontline caregivers, who are screening on average 350 patients daily at both the triage clinic and the COVID-19 drive-through testing center.