In response to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, GlobalFoundries (GF), which is headquartered in the United States with operations worldwide, is taking steps to help some of the most vulnerable members in the communities where it operates.

GF has been designated as an essential manufacturer during the pandemic by the State of New York, as its semiconductors are supporting technology needs in the healthcare, communications and infrastructure sectors.

Dr. Thomas Caulfield, CEO of GlobalFoundries, and Kimberley Shinmoto, Director of Employee Communications at GlobalFoundries, highlight the company’s commitment and outline the measures taken by the company to support members of its local communities and decrease the social impact of COVID-19.

GF has announced an additional USD 1 Million in donations to its communities and has increased its matching employee donations two-to-one on a local, national and international level.

At each of its sites, GF has offered donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers, and also donated more than 15,000 cleanroom masks, 3,000 N-95 masks, and more than 500,000 gloves, as well as boot covers and medical suits. GF will be making an additional 40,000 cleanroom masks and 14,000 N-95 masks available for its communities and has recently launched an employee donation campaign called “GlobalGives.”

GF’s manufacturing sites are continuing to operate close to capacity . All employees not directly involved in operations are working from home and those entering its facilities are following rigorous social distancing policies.