Amana Healthcare, the Middle East’s leading provider of inpatient rehabilitation, long-term care and home healthcare, is on the frontline in the UAE’s fight against COVID-19.

Mark McGourty, Chief Executive Officer of Amana Healthcare, sheds lights on the hospital’s commitment in working closely with Mubadala Healthcare and the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi to support COVID-19 patients across the Emirate.

To date, Amana Healthcare has discharged over 150 patients from healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi to its post acute care program. It is also playing a leading role in remote care, having delivered over 2,000 home visitation to COVID-19 to date, where patients have been in strict quarantine with no visitor policy to ensure safety.

Amana Healthcare provides patients and their families with the highest standard of medical care and is taking all precautionary measures for safeguarding health and wellbeing.